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Scanning documents saves space and is environmentally friendly, but... very work intensive. All that preparation: removing staples, paper clips and post-its.
Merak is happy to do that for you!

Merak makes your documents “scan ready”

Merak makes your documents “scan ready”

Making your documents “scan ready” requires a whole series of small but time-consuming manual tasks. Merak has a team of scan employees standing by.
They take all of the documents out of their folders and remove staples, paper clips and post-its. This prevents the scanner from getting blocked.

Our smart scanner helps create your inventory

After the preparation phase, we will ask you how you want us to store your files. You can choose folders or files.

Merak uses special separation sheets that our smart scanner recognises. Each time the scanner recognises a separation sheet, it creates a new PDF. We will of course discuss the naming of those PDFs with you.

The result? A clear inventory where you can quickly find that particular document you need.

Once your documents have been scanned, they will be placed in a box, although without a file and staples.

Our smart scanner helps create your inventory
Scan your books for digital ease of use

Scan your books for digital ease of use

When a book is not allowed to be cut open (because then it would be classified as "the scanning of documents"), every page will be scanned manually by our book scanner. Therefore, your original documents will not only be in the same state, but you will also experience the advantages of a digital version of them (including text recognition!).

The maximum size of an open book is an A2 format (LxW : 594mm x 420mm)

Scanning plans is not a secret for Merak

Furthermore, plans are difficult to scan due to their format. By using our special plan scanner, we will guarantee that your plans will be available to you digitally. The maximum width is 90cm, the length of your plan is limited to 500cm (200 inch).

Your books and plans will be given a file name with a maximum of 15 characters.


Still doubting whether to do your scanning work yourself or entrust it to Merak?
Use our handy tool to calculate the price of your scans and receive a quote. Of course, we will not carry out the assignment until we have received your final confirmation. The quote is without obligation.

Calculate yourself or contact us

Calculate yourself or contact us

This tool is suitable for assignments of fewer than 300,000 pages in A4 or A3 format. That amount is equal to approximately 17 linear metres, or the equivalent of 250 binders.

But did you know...

  • Merak is also you specialist for scanning schedules (A0, A1), books and any other formats?
  • Merak can easily scan very large volumes for you?

Do you have a challenge for us in the form of irregular formats or large volumes?
Then be sure to contact us here or call +32 (0)15 28 40 60.

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